Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Reading Tonight

Friends and interested readers,

Tonight Beaver-Butler Presbytery will give a first reading to the Declaration. The floor will be open to questions of the authors and the merits of the Declaration can be discussed. Should the presbytery decide to do so in its meeting tonight, the Declaration can go on to a second reading at the next meeting and then be adopted or rejected.

Either way, the signatories of the Declaration--sessions and individuals--hold themselves to what they have already signed, regardless of what Beaver-Butler decides tonight or in the future.

By the grace and mercy of our sovereign Heavenly Father we will not recant or retract from our assertion that the General Assembly of the PC(USA) has erred and endorsed potentially schismatic acts by forcing them upon our denomination.

For the sake of the clarity of the Gospel, please pray for our presbytery tonight and all who will gather to do the work of our churches in this place. Pray for clarity, humility and truthful speech in our deliberations tonight.

The Lord bless you all.

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