Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Authorship, Copyright and Endorsement

The authors of this Declaration are the Reverends Albert Rhodes Stuart of Highland Presbyterian Church in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania and Patrick McElroy of Park United Presbyterian Church in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, both members in good standing of Beaver-Butler Presbytery. This document is under consideration by Beaver Butler Presbytery at their September 23rd meeting per the recommendation and endorsement of the Session of Park United Presbyterian Church in Zelienople. This document is the intellectual property of the authors.


Reformed Catholic said...

My commendations to the Revnds Rhodes and McElroy.

A very cogent statement of evangelical Presbyterian beliefs and errors by the recent GA.

Pat McElroy said...

Thank you for your encouragement brother!

Bill Ekhardt said...

May I commend you for your excellent review of a history that is unknown to much of Presbyterianism in America, and for the thoughtful presentation of your declaration. Would you grant permission to repost your declaration on the blogsite of the Presbytery of San Joaquin?

Pat McElroy said...

Absolutely Bill! We were and continue to be hopeful that your Presbytery and others like it will join us.

PrRustyStuart said...

Bill, This is Rusty Stuart. I've been following the thread that's going on in the SJP blog. I understand that some of your guys think we've discovered the flat-earth theory because we didn't go half- far enough. That may or may not be the case, but it might be interesting to engage in a discussion of why we did what we did.
We were looking at what has to be done and said now.
Granted Luther and Calvin went further than we did, but contextually, it must be understood that the moves they made were incremental. Luther did, after all, begin with the 95 Theses -- not the Small Catechism.
By all means, go ahead and write a more fullsome document and advocate the heck out of it. But, in the meantime, suggest to your guys that they consider well our position as an opening gambit. The wider the distribution and acceptance of this Declaration, the better the opportunities to move the ball down the field.
Touchdowns are only rarely scored on 80-yard long-bombs. 9 times out of 10, they are made by repeated strong drives for the first down. By the way, thanks for the plug on the UPNA History paper. Did you see the one on feminist-process theology, as well?

Grace & Peace to my brothers and sisters in CA.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that so many other options have been offered by other evangelical groups:

1. Leave now.

2. Defect in place.

3. Throw mud.

4. Accommodate apostasy.

What is offered here is a None of the Above.

This Declaration offers churches a Purpose Driven Death, a gospel witness within the PCUSA. I think this is a fairly new (and unique) approach for consideration.